Star Wars: Ascent MUSH

This is the new wiki for Star Wars: Ascent MUSH.

We're looking for a snazzy logo to put up here for people to see.

Like all images used on the site, it must be your original work or we must have permission from the creator to use it. Just @mail our wizards with a suitable link to the image and once we receive one we like, we'll adopt it!

That said, welcome to Star Wars: the Ascent! Feel free to browse our wiki, and better yet, add to it! Membership is required before you can edit the wiki, and membership is open to any approved player on the MUSH.

Every potential contributor is required to read the rules for contribution in the page entitled This Wiki's Acceptable Use Policy, just so everyone's fully aware of how we want this thing to work, so we can keep things cool and relevant.

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