Star Wars: The Ascent highly encourages people to explore their creative minds, and playing various alts is one ideal way to do this. We ask however that you abide by certain rules when play choosing to play an Alt.

1. Players may have at most three alts, consisting of (a Tier 1 OR a Tier 3) AND/OR (a Tier 2 OR a Tier 3) AND/OR a Tier 3 character.

2. Only one of these alts may be Force-Sensitive.

3. Only one of these alts may own a ship.

4. Only one of your alts may belong to any given faction/organization.

5. You should maintain your Tier 1 alt as your primary character, if you have one.

6. IC Information, equipment, money, etc. are not to be transferred between alts. They are separate characters that should never come into contact with each other.

Disregarding any of these rules will result in the loss of all but a player's Tier 3 Alt. These rules are just common sense, so we ask that you please not abuse the privilege of being able to play multiple characters.

Exception: Staff may have additional 'Tier NPC' characters, which are used to run plots and promote RP.

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