Chu'unthor is a large starship designed and built for the Jedi Order roughly 150 years ago. At its inception, its goal was to act as a mobile Jedi Temple which would provide a base of training for Jedi further away from the Core. It is roughly three kilometers in length and at its greatest capacity can have up to four thousand crew members and ten thousand Jedi. It has never lived up to this capacity however, and it has become increasingly less popular amongst the conservatives at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

The Chu'unthor has two command hierarchies aboard her, one being the crew of Judicial Fleet officers and staff who maintain and navigate the ship through the Outer Rim and Inner Rim territories. The other are the Jedi themselves who are coordinated by a three member Council of Masters who head up the training programs on Chu'unthor. The Chu'unthor is an experiment in progress and certain traditions are settled differently than on Coruscant. For instance Jedi who are based on the ship are occasionally assigned two Padawans if the training requirements require it. Also there are no Younglings aboard the Chu'unthor. Any young Force-Sensitives that the Jedi on the ship discover in their travels are immediately transported to Coruscant to begin their training. Many of the younger Jedi are without a Master; these Apprentices train within classes led by various Jedi Masters (many of whom have Padawans) or by each other. Missions are assigned by the Council of Masters and at least one Knight is usually assigned as the team leader.

While not wholly a part of the Judicial Fleet, the Chu'unthor is the largest capital vessel in the Republic's naval forces and as such it is often assigned to investigate matters in the outlying territories of the Republic.

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