A young, highly skilled doctor/surgeon, a member of the Firrerreo people.

Name Mystery

While known by the legally registered pseudonym 'Crystal', the actual name of this individual is not recorded in Republic records (or any others, for that matter). She follows, rather more strongly than some, the tradition of her people that names have power, and so she chooses not to reveal hers.


Born as the younger of two children in an upper class family on Firrerre, Crystal had a very comfortable childhood, surrounded by a large family in their almost palatial compound in the planet's economic centre. Her father is one of the most renowned jewellers on Firrerre, the high prices that his works fetch keeping them in the lap of luxury. Her mother is a successful doctor, and continued to practice her art despite their lack of a need for income, often working for free in clinics for the underprivileged. While her elder brother followed in her father's footsteps, just as he had followed his father, and back for nine generations, Crystal decided to model her life after her mother. She attended the best schools on Firrerre, being given an excellent, well-rounded education, though her education didn't specialise into medicine until she was a teenager.

During the later years of school, while her friends were falling in and out of love, having relationships and heartbreaks, Crystal always found herself too distracted by her studies, or too shy, or any of a number of other reasons, until one day, shortly before her fifteenth birthday. She met a man, several years her senior, attending her school though he lived in one of the outlying towns. They had a brief, but intense relationship, ending in heartbreak when his family decided than an arranged marriage would suit him better. It took her nearly a month, but she managed to move on from him. As the years progressed, so did her education. She started to focus more and more on chemistry, biology, and several other disciplines required for medical school, though she kept up her studies in other areas, on her father's insistence that she not be a one-trick ronto. She developed a special interest in swimming, given her homeworld's large expanses of water and her natural aptitude for it. In her final year of school, she joined the school's competitive diving team, and after a year of training and competitions, they won the Firrerre Championship, the first time that her school had done so in fifteen years.

After her graduation with top honours, Crystal enrolled in Firrerre Central University's medical program, and began five years of intensive study, learning the differing anatomies of the more common species around the galaxy, including her own, and the various methods to diagnosing and treating them. Her first semester of study was marked by crowded lecture halls and intense competition, but with each passing semester, more and more of her fellow students dropped out of the course, until in her final year, there were just 124 students remaining, from a class of well over 500. The University had once again lived up to its reputation as being one of the toughest schools in the sector, but Crystal knew that that only made the medical degree she was striving for more of a symbol of true excellence. The stress was beginning to show in her classmates, and indeed in Crystal herself, especially in the month leading up to the final test. After the single most difficult exam that she had ever encountered, the strain on the group continued, until exactly one week later, when the exam results were posted. She had passed! As she examined the results, Crystal saw that she had graduated magna cum laude, and fifth in her class overall. When she arrived home, degree in hand, her entire extended family rejoiced, and her father presented her with a silver ring set with three small crystals, with the band engraved with her name inside.

After her graduation, and a brief rest at home from the strain of study, Crystal decided that she needed to travel the galaxy, to experience more of what life has to offer before she settled in any one place. So, she packed up what possessions she thought she might need, and boarded a transport for other worlds.

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