Dark Side

Dark Side Force users are only available on Star Wars: Ascent upon approval of the Force wizard, Jar'Kai. All other Force users on the game are considered Light side and are required to stay Light side. That is why Dark Siders are not available in chargen.

Please note that Dark Siders are not subject to the policy in Death. If their character is injured badly enough to be 'killed' in game-terms, then they will die and may not spend a Force Point to somehow survive the incident.

To apply for a Dark Side slot (of which there will be limited numbers), the following criteria must be met:

  • Solid activity (RP, not just being logged in and idling) in any/all existing character(s).
  • Good, relatively mature behavior OOCly. Jerks need not apply.
  • An ability to work with Staff to create plots and to RP with many people, even if you wouldn't ordinarily want to RP with someone.

Dark Side slots will only be available upon public announcement from Jar'Kai. Any applications sent in before or after the announced window to receive applications will be deleted. If there are multiple slots listed as available, that is no guarantee that they will all be filled from the validated applications.

Applications are easy. Just @mail Jar'Kai with 'I want this Force user character to go Dark', or if you don't have a Force using character already, you should @mail Jar'Kai with a 3 or 4 paragraph concept for the character you intend to be Dark, with a brief explanation as to how they fell into darkness.

All Dark Side characters can be redeemed to the Light through a TP or some serious RP toward that goal, but that doesn't mean that their Dark Side slot becomes available for someone else to go Dark instead.

Please do not ask Jar'Kai when the next Dark Side slot(s) will be announced. They will be announced when they're needed and not beforehand. Patience, grasshopper.

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