Dolores Noxa

Dolores Noxa is a rising star in the smuggling world. She's known for her uncanny skill in the martial arts, her startling beauty, and her unflagging tenacity. A free agent, she goes where the price is right; her allegiance can be bought, though her respect must be earned.

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Dolores Noxa was born on Corellia, the daughter of a weapons manufacturer and his wife. She was a clever and talented child, and was far more interested in her father's work than either of her two brothers. They would one day go on to become politicians, after years of study in behavioral sciences and political theory. For Dolores, or "Lor" as her father called her, nothing was more interesting than the way of the gun. Even as a child, as daddy's little girl, she helped her father in the store and practiced on the range.

When Dolores was fifteen years old, she discovered the harsh truth about her father's business - not every aspect of it was legitimate. In fact, many of the weapons were illegally sliced or otherwise augmented, and a number of Noxa Firearms's best clients were smugglers and spice dealers. This didn't deter her, however, from learning all there was to learn about her father's way of life. In fact, it only made her more interested… both in her father's line of work and the vocations of his clients. Befriending members of the seedy clientele, she learned how they made their living; how to smuggle, and how to do it well.

While someday her father will ask her to take over the family business, right now Dolores is entirely focused on her criminal career. A gambler by nature, Dolores lost her ship in a drunken game of sabacc. This incredible blunder left her without a means of easy space travel, but after a few months of squeaking by she decided to sign on with [[Dalibor Ordo]], an acquaintance of her father's, as the smuggler-in-residence on his ship, the Kote.


While she is a criminal, Dolores is not a wicked person at heart. She is not above killing to complete a job, but she will not harm the innocent. There is a strict honor code she holds herself to, especially when it comes to her colleagues - honor among thieves, as it were. Though distinctly falling in a moral grey area, she is not a villain per se. Motivated by desire, a desire for adventure above all else, she wants to be the best there is at what she does… and she wants to get filthy rich doing it. Oh, and a handsome man or two along the way would be a lovely bonus prize. But above all else she's a woman on a mission to prove herself in a galaxy full of hardened gunmen.

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