OOC etiquette is very important on a MUSH. It's a given that people will break the rules ICly, or be rude to each other ICly, but OOCly, the staff expects each and every player to behave themselves and to not make this a hostile environment for their fellow players. So, we've come up with a few 'suggestions'.

  • Players are required to be OOCly respectful of each other, whether it be their age, their nationality, their political and religious beliefs, their gender, their sexuality, or anything about them at all. This is non-negotiable. Players who insist on being OOCly disrespectful of others are not welcome here.
  • Harassment of any kind is not permitted. If you feel you're being harassed, tell the other player to stop paging/ @mailing /talking to you. As soon as you say that to them, they must stop. If they don't stop, pagelock them (@lock/page me=!*<person's name> - without the <>s). If they continue their harassment via the channels or @mail or the forum or the wiki, then talk to staff, who will address the matter. - On the other hand, if a player tells /you/ to stop contacting them, you do it. Don't finish that last page, discard that @mail, stop talking to them on the channels, leave their wiki alone. We all know how into our debates we can get, but once one side says enough, that's it. They just got the last word and the discussion is over. This does not give the person who said such things permission to badmouth someone in return.
  • Be nice to newbies. You were a newbie once too, after all. Just because someone may have laughed at you when you were a newbie, that doesn't give you a right to do it to someone else. If a new player seems a bit lost or in need of guidance, lend a hand, but do try to refer people to the stuff in +news, on the bb, or to an online (and on-duty) player-helper or staff member.

Remember, treat everyone OOCly the way you'd like to be treated, and you'll most likely find that the OOC atmosphere of the MUSH will be a much more friendly and respectful place.

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