A findsman is a Force sensitive religious tradition of bounty hunters unique to the Gand species. Becoming a findsman sometimes is granted to a Gand during a janwuine-jika. Findsman can locate people, things, places, and even events by divining omens sent to them during mystical rituals. Findsman are legendary figures in Gand society, and the title has a bit of prestige outside of Gand society as well.

Outsiders often see the findsman as a bizarre religious sect devoted to hunting, while the Gand themselves consider findsman as being on the "path to truth."

Findsmen are hired as security advisors, bodyguards, bounty hunters, investigators, and even assassins. Leaving the tradition is often be a death sentence for the wayward findsman.

Applying to play a Findsman requires a few things. The first that you are a Gand. Secondly that you submit to an RP Audition before approval to make sure you understand Gand theme and how to play one. Playing insectoids is often a great challenge. Gand tend to center their Force training in Sense and Sense-like Powers as well as Control and thus Farseeing.

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