Force Sensitive

SW: Ascent is a rarity amongst Star Wars games in that every player has a chance to play a Force-Sensitive character of some kind right out of chargen. Unlike SW: Galaxies the MMO, there are still quality controls in place.

  • All Force-Sensitive applications will be highly scrutinized for theme issues, spelling/grammar, etc. They will be held to a much higher standard than a non-F-S application.
  • Darksiders are not permitted out of chargen. We do not accept any 'grey' Jedi concepts at all even after chargen, but grey non-affiliated F-S concepts are possible. Those interested in falling to the darkness will need to review Dark Side. There will only be a very small number of darksiders permitted on the game ever.
  • Only Jedi and Sith will ever have lightsabers or light* items. Jedi will not have anything other than a lightsaber or dagger, given the size of the Jedi. We are not creating other light* items on-game.
  • Non-Jedi F-S characters must belong to some kind of tradition to claim any sort of training and add Force skills in chargen. Random F-S characters may not be self-taught and somehow 'magically' trial and error their way into skillz or claim to have been taught by some random NPC trainer such as an exiled Jedi to get to know as much as the Jedi. The tradeoff is that Jedi are required to act a certain way at all times, so non-Jedi will be easier to play.
  • Hate to say it, but despite the ease of getting a Force-Sensitive character, they are not a 'right'. Violating OOC policies, being a jerk OOCly, or misplaying a Jedi or Sith character will result in the temporary or permanent loss of that character or even having any kind of F-S character, depending on the severity of the infraction(s).
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