Most games either won't let you have a Force-user character unless you fulfill an insane amount of time, you're friends with the staff, or simply never. We know a lot of people want to play them and they're hard as hell to get on most other games. However, like most games with Force-users on them, there are activity requirements. Not only are Force-users expected to fulfill the general activity rules in Vacations and Pol/Idling, they are also expected to be around, always available for and /starting/ RP for others. A Force-user who never logs in is wasting that privilege we extend to players. A Force-user who might always log in but never RPs is wasting their and our time.

Please bear in mind that a Force-user who is Freezered may not play another Force-user upon their return until ONE MONTH has passed since their return.

Unfortunately, in the past, a Force-user would get Freezered for a few months, then come back and expect to keep their character in the face of others who had actually put in those few months actively… that's not fair.

A Force-user who simply doesn't RP will be put back into assessment with a log requirement equal to their original assessment. If they fail this new assessment, they will lose their character and may not re-app for a new Force-user for ONE MONTH.

Force-users are truly a 'use it or lose it' sort of character here.

Again, as with all idling policies, staff-alts are exempt because of the time requirements of running the game.

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