Noame (pronounced No-AH-may) Eridani was born and raised as part of a minor noble family of Naboo in the capital city of Theed. She had an elder brother, as well as a younger pair of siblings, boy and girl twins. The family's hereditary estates are actually located in Kaadara, which has started to flourish due to the political savvy of the Eridani family maneuverings of their parents as well as their efforts to promote their beloved Kaadara as a viable tourist spot for beachside enjoyment as well as the limited fishing trade that developed. And with the eventual incumbent of the successfully elected Queen Nevaree of the Jafan Dynasty to the throne of Naboo, Noame's parents submitted her for consideration as a potential Handmaiden. Noame was accepted for the training period, along with many other young girls who had potential.

Dozens of girls went through the intense training involved, and over time girls began to drop out, until eventually six primary handmaidens were chosen. Noame, who showed the most promise in all aspects of the skills a handmaiden was expected to learn - not just the etiquette all the girls knew as ladies of noble breeding, and not just the arts of combat that they had to aquire in order to protect the queen, but the arts of service in order to tend to her, as well as in the arts of disguise in order to function as her decoy. The bonds of devotion the girls had for each other would only be eclipsed by the devotion they held for Queen Nevaree, even once her term had passed. When it was time for them to go their seperate ways, all swore that if any of them ever needed the help of any of the others, they would reunite and aid each other no matter what. Noame's training started at 13, and her service began at the onset of Nevaree's reign at the age of 14, which lasted two four year terms. Noame was released from service at the age of 22.

Noame was uncertain at first, as to what to do with herself. Her parents had begun to discuss prospects of marriage for her, and she found herself rather displeased with the idea of settling down into the role of a complacent minor noble's wife. Being Noame's primary decoy had broadened her horizons considerably, but with her eight years of service also came an ingrained sense of loyalty. That loyalty however, was tested the night before what was to be her wedding, when Nevaree came to her chambers and asked Noame what she really wanted. The pair talked, and what happened next was something many didn't expect; the girl Noame's mother found in Noame's bed wasn't Noame, it was Nevaree (decoys can work both ways, see?), and Nevaree had boarded a ship to seek her fortune elsewhere in the galaxy. She had useful skills to offer; she was good at protecting others, finding information, handling intelligence. She could adjust her appearance as well as her mannerisms and manners. She could fit in as a drifter on Tattooine, or a noblewoman on Coruscant. She began to build a reputation as a freelance espionage agent, with specialties in bodyguarding (no one expects the pretty little piece on the gentleman's arm to be capable of putting an assassin on the ground), infiltration, and disguise.

Now at the age of 25, Noame is well established in her field, even if her field as such is somewhat vaguely described. She travels as she needs to, primarily basing on Coruscant and traveling at the client's behest - she's worth the credits, and if they really want her bad enough, they cough it up. She even has a good deal going with a pair of Mandalorians she came into contact with about half a year ago, a father and daughter named Dalibor and Asharda - whenever she needs a bit of a nip, and they need to take the edge off a bounty, she'll play honey trap for them for a cut of their fee. However, most recently she has elected to become part of the crew of their ship, The Kote.


While she can create a persona on the fly as needed, Noame has three aliases she's kept that registered as legal that she utilizes on a regular basis.

Eshtai Vosloo - is a bureaucrat on Coruscant in one of the various governmental departments of the Republic government. Does it matter which one? All that really does matter is that Eshtai is a tiny cog in a very big machine, and it permits Noame to slip in and out of certain buildings when she needs to as necessary.

Sabra Kineket - the daughter of a shady merchant (read: smuggler/pirate) from Corellia, Sabra sometimes has to deal with some of the less legit types who may serve her father's industries, and help shuttle her around when she doesn't want people to know where she's going, and is definitely a touch piratical. Noame has a good time with this alias.

Lolaru - Or 'Lola' as she is sometimes called, is a high class lady. Sometimes she's noble, sometimes she just needs to be on a noble's arm, but she is always high class. No one knows where Lolaru comes from, and she's very adept at ignoring the question - it's rude, really! Her accent's impeccable, as are her table manners, and her stature is quite commanding. When Noame has to manuever around the hoi palloi, Lola gets pulled out of the bag of tricks.

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