Here at Star Wars: The Ascent we have a NPC system set up where players may request scenes with certain key NPCs on the grid. Putting a request in for a scene is a simple matter (See +help +npc). Because NPCs are part-time characters run by RPA staff, any RPA staff member may be running the NPC at any given time. Once the request is processed, a member of staff will contact you regarding to schedule a time for the RP. There are a wide variety of NPCs on the grid, and more will be added in the future. Please see the files below for descriptions of currently available NPCs.

Business NPCs:

  • Shorbacca - CEO Wrrryk Enterprises, Captain of Green Nova
  • Bymor Arexo - Shipyard Master of Gurgul Repair Yards
  • Anmari Astep - Captain of the Far Dancer
  • Cykk - First Mate of the Far Dancer

Hutt NPCs:

  • Porto Besadii - Hutt Lord of Toydaria
  • Ardoga Besadii - Hutt Lord of Ylesia

Jedi NPC(s):

  • Karsus - Jedi Master, Chu'unthor Council Member
  • Coruga Vosadii - Jedi Master, Chu'unthor Council Member
  • Merlinna Sylverin - Jedi Master, Chu'unthor Council Member
  • Fay - Jedi Master, Wanderer (Canon character)
  • T'ra Saa - Jedi Master, Rumored Watchman (Canon character)

Political NPCs:

  • Iraesa Valorum - Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
  • Hophir Wurdoon - Ithorian Senator & Priest
  • Kos Qaboor - Senator of Skakoa & Techno Union
  • Huos Goweir - Aide to Senator Qaboor

Military NPC(s):

  • Teraba Sadiss - Judicial Fleet Captain of JFS Tapani Star
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