When a Jedi Apprentice is chosen by a Master to study under them, they achieve the status of Padawan. On the Chu'unthor, this does not necessarily mean a great change in routine for the Padawan, as the group learning and classes will most likely continue for them unless their Master takes them away from the ship. However it does mean individual one-on-one training with the Padawan's Master as well as a shaping and mentoring. Part of the Chu'unthor experiment was designed to test theories in training techniques by allowing for Jedi Masters who were residents of the ship (not just passing through) to take on two Padawans. This practice was highly uncommon during this era, and the Jedi on the Chu'unthor were the only ones known to do it. Generally a Padawan continued under the tutelage of their Master until such times as he or she was deemed ready to undertake their Trials (See Trials). This period could last well into their Young Adulthood.

Like the Apprentices, Padawans will be expected to participate in the training excercises aboard the Chu'unthor, however they will receive selective training and mentoring by their Masters.

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