We offer a large selection of races to play here at SW: The Ascent. All races presented in Chargen are open to play, with a small number set as Restricted, meaning that in order to apply to play one you must submit a Tier 2 Application <Read Application and abide by the policies for Tier 2 Apps listed there>. If you have a race in mind from a source book or other location, please feel free to send in a +request to have it implemented and the RPA will review it. This does not assure that the race will be approved and added however.

Another feature here at SW: The Ascent is the use of racial limits. Except for baseline Humans, all other races are limited to 5 approved and IC characters. Please review +census for further details. Therefore if you see that there are already 5 Twi'leks on the +census, than that race is officially closed until such time as one of them retires their character or has been placed in the Freezer due to being idle for an extended period of time. If you have any questions about playing a certain race after reviewing +census, please contact a Staff member for more help.

+sinfo list species - For more information on Races available.

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