We have a few rules concerning aspects of roleplaying in regards to maturity level and what we might call Rating:

1) Watch your language. The Public channel is meant for any player to be able to show up and reasonably expect not to be made uncomfortable by lewd suggestions or cussing. Keep the foul language to the same as we saw in the movies. Vulgar language is better suited to the BullShit channel. This goes double for the OOC room, which is often the first impression someone has of the game.

2) Sexual innuendo, suggestive behavior OOCly, and things best left to the privacy of one's home are completely unwelcome on the Public or any other channel other than BullShit, and the graphic stuff is not welcome anywhere.

3) ICly, all sexual behavior /will/ be seen equal to how it was in the movies, PG-13. If you want to RP having sex, do it on another game, it's not welcome here.

4) Violence happens. People get shot and killed all the time in Star Wars. However, graphic RP of torture should be toned down. Sexual violence is not permitted to be RPed at any time. Pedophiliac RP is strictly forbidden.

Just remember, not everyone on the MUSH is an adult, and not everyone on the MUSH wants to see this place be as foul-mouthed and as crude as real life. Star Wars has always been a youthful fantasy in Lucas's eyes, and whether you agree with his opinion or not, staff is going to respect this vision and keep things from becoming hardcore.

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