Solo Mission

Solo mission

Each Padawan must undertake a solo mission given to them by the Council and successfully complete it without guidance from his or her Master. It is meant to be a proof of maturity, good judgment, and whether or not a Padawan can adhere to the Jedi Code without having a Master there to chaperone them. Technically, one could say that Anakin's solo mission to protect Padme was a failure, because while she was protected and survived the ensuing arena battle, he didn't adhere to the Jedi Code with regards to not forming attachments.

These missions aren't meant to be hugely intense, and it's expected that ICly, the Master will still keep tabs on the Padawan just in case. For our purposes, the solo mission is submitted as an open-ended PrP by the padawan (with suitable details as to what the mission entails, what NPCs are involved, etc.) and then run by staff or a staff-designated GM to avoid conflict of interest issues. The basic reason for this is to prove a key tenet of what the staff expects out of a Jedi Knight OOCly: that they can generate RP without having to have it handed to them by someone else.

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