Tier 1

Tier 1 applications are in many ways an application for a Feature Character. Applying for such a character should be done only after extensive thought and a willingness to commit to a great deal of responsibility. Due to the nature of Tier 1 applications they are held to a much higher standard than others.

Policy: Tier 1 Applicants are encouraged to speak with Staff BEFORE entering chargen to discuss their character idea, although this is not required. After completing chargen, Tier 1 applicants will, before being approved, have an interview with a Staff member to discuss their character and a review of their responsibilities. Depending on the nature of the character, the Staff member may also conduct an RP Audition. Upon approval, the Tier 1 character is set in Assessment (see Assessment) for a period of 1 month. They are required to submit a log (edited to include only poses and +rolls) once a week to moc.liamg|nimdaaws#moc.liamg|nimdaaws. At the end of Assessment, Staff will meet with the player to review their roleplay and determine if they are capable of playing the character, and if not encouraged to apply for a Tier 2 or 3 character instead. Tier 1 character are required to be online and IC active at a higher level of activity than Tier 2. If after Assessment, Staff feels the player is not living up to this requirement they will be asked to apply for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 character instead. At this point the Tier 1 Character will be placed in the Freezer and set to the roster for others to apply to play. It is important to note that Tier 1 characters are the property of the game and a Feature. By applying for a Tier 1 character you are agreeing to this policy.

Level: Tier 1 PCs start out with enough XP to be 7th level characters.


  • Jedi Knights (Jedi level 7th)
  • Restricted Races: Chiss, Hutt (Please speak with Staff before Chargen)
  • Senior Senators, Planetary Governors & Sovereigns (Sovereigns must speak with Staff beforehand)
  • Senior Command Officers of a militia or fleet.
  • Advanced Non-Jedi Force Users <Highly scrutinized, speak with Staff beforehand>
  • Any +Org Head. (+Org Heads may not necessarily have the advanced starting stats. Speak to a Staff member before hand on how to conduct your Chargen. +Org Heads are however required to abide by the policies for Tier 1 Characters)

Staff has the right to deny any Tier 1 Application. Staff may at times Close Tier 1 Applications; a post to Announcements BBS will be made accordingly. Jedi Masters and any Dark Side characters may not be applied for in chargen. Jedi Master rank is ICly earned, and darksiders are only by approval of Jar'Kai.

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