In order for any Force-user to increase their +sheet's Force skills (whether it be to level up in the Jedi class or to add a new Force feat), they must be able to claim IC training with an on-camera PC trainer. A Jedi must of course be trained by a Jedi Knight or Master. A Sith would have to be trained by a Sith equivalent of Jedi Knight. Any Force-user belonging to a non-Jedi Force Tradition (Baran Do, etc.) would need to be trained by someone else of that Tradition. Independents can be trained by anyone they can get their hands on, but they must use a PC.

Also, remember that NPC trainers are only permitted in a character's background for Force-users who are part of an actual Tradition (Jedi, Baran Do, Matukai, etc.)

We are not adding new Force training traditions at this time (Jensaarai, etc.).

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