The Trials to become a Jedi Knight are as diverse as there are Masters training. But there are some things a Jedi is expected to have/know before they may become a Jedi Knight:

  • Be a padawan apprenticed to a specific PC Knight or Master.
  • No more than 1 point on the Dark Side Score, and even that is pushing it.
  • Discretion of Master AND Jar'Kai (or just Jar'Kai if the Master is idle).

The Jedi trials include the following formal aspects, which must be roleplayed:

  • Testing knowledge of the Jedi Code.
  • Trial of Skill.
  • Trial of the Flesh.
  • Trial of Courage.
  • Trial of the Spirit.
  • Trip to Ilum for lightsaber construction.
  • Solo mission.

OOCly, each Trial will be submitted in log form (for 7 total logs) including the pertinent +rolls to moc.liamg|nimdaaws#moc.liamg|nimdaaws with TRIAL: <name of padawan> as the subject line. It would help if each log included which of the Trials it entails at the beginning of the log as well as who was in it, etc. Logs have to be submitted by the Knight/Master or Jar'Kai if she is doing the legwork for it.

After the logs are collected (they don't have to be sent in all at once), they're gawked over by staff and then if all goes well, the Padawan is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight and is permitted to take a Padawan of their own. Their Knight becomes a Master (if they're not already one), capable of training two padawans at once.

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