There are times when you have to take a break or RL's come and bit you in the rear end. Here are the policies regarding taking a vacation from the MUSH.

  • A player needs to log their Tier 1 character in at least once every two weeks unless they notify staff of RL circumstances that would bar their logging in (vacations, school, etc.). If the character is not logged in over a month's time without notification, the Tier 1 character will go into the Freezer.
  • A Tier 2 character should be logged in at least once every month and will go into the Freezer after two months of inactivity.
  • For a Tier 3 character, the times are 'every two months' and 'three months' in terms of when the character goes into the Freezer.

Once a character goes into the Freezer, the player must start over with a new character. They cannot create a carbon copy of the old character and simply use the same or similar stats or concept.

Please be advised that there are stricter vacation requirements for Force-users and Jedi characters. Also, please be advised that staff is not made up of ogres and of course RL is more important. Generally, a simple notification to staff with a ballpark return date is sufficient to keep a particular needed character from being Freezered. However, many jobs can't be left open indefinitely if someone's away for too long.

Please also review Pol/Idling. Force-users should also review Idling.

Staff members who don't log in after two weeks without notification to Jar'Kai will be removed from staff and their duties handed to another member of staff.

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